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This wiki will serve as the primary platform for our Wiki Articles. Below you will find a description of the project and tutorials to help you create your wiki article.

Due: Friday (the week after the intensive) at 11:59 p.m. (EST); the rough draft is due Friday (the week of the intensive) at 11:59 p.m

Description: This project is to be completed in conjunction with your presentation. You will contribute to a wiki to expand your knowledge on topics related to the class and to aid you in gathering resources that you can use throughout your school counseling career.
Once you have chosen your topic (also known as your identified presentation topic), you will conduct a review of the literature. You are required to locate at least tenresources. All of your resources need to be credible and reliable resources (although Wikipedia may provide you with some valuable information, please do not cite Wikipedia since it is an open source. Use Wikipedia to locate valid and reliable sources). At least five of your resources need to be peer -reviewed journal article (print or online from the library databases). These resources may be the articles you used for your article review assignment.
After you have gathered and read your literature, you will write an article with integrated multimedia on the class wiki. You will accept and sign-up for the wiki when your instructor sends you an invitation to join the class wiki. Once you have joined the wiki, you will then create your own wiki page and begin creating your article.
Your article may be a literature review or a practical “how to” article. It should start with a clear introduction, identify your selected audience (i.e. parents, teachers, school counselors, etc) and provide a rationale as to why the topic is pertinent to the audience. Your article should end with a summary and conclusion. It should flow logically and smoothly as you discuss your topic. The length the paper should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Title, Headers, and References should be included in addition to the body page requirements. The article should follow APA formatting.
In addition to text, the article should include graphics, keeping in mind copywrite, and at least one self-created multimedia aspect (i.e. audio, video, etc). Your wiki article should also include your presentation handout. At the end, include 5 final exam questions. The questions need to be about the content of your wiki article. At least three of the questions need to be multiple choice. You should submit the questions and answers to your instructor via Blackboard.
This project should be completed in groups of 2 to 6 students. All group members will receive the same grade and students will be responsible to solve all group problems. You may contact your instructor to set up a group are for you in Blackboard.

Write 3 reflections immediately following your contribution to the wiki. You should write a reflection the first time you use the wiki, the last time you use the wiki, one time in between. You should write a one page reflection about your experience using the wiki and your contribution to the wiki project. Use the following questions to guide it: 1) What was my contribution? 2) How did working on the wiki contribute to or hinder my learning or knowledge development? 3) How did working on the wiki contribute to or hinder my attitude toward the subject matter? 4) How did working on the wiki contribute to or hinder my ability to perform as a teacher (i.e. skill development)? 5) How did working on the wiki contribute or hinder to my sense of reciprocity and cooperation among students in my class? 6) How did working on the wiki contribute to or hinder my diverse learning style?
Submission: This wiki article assignment is submitted via the wiki. The final exam questions with the answers and the 3 reflections are submitted in a word .doc or .pdf to the instructor via the specified Blackboard submission link by Friday (the week after the intensive) at 11:59 p.m. (EST). EDUC661_Assignment Title_Lastname_FirstName.
Grading: You will be evaluated as outlined in the following criteria:
You will be evaluated as outlined in the following criteria:
References, Length, APA & Grammar
Correct APA format, as well as correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The sources selected are valid and reliable. At least four sources are peer –reviewed journal articles. The article is minimum of 1,500 words and no longer than 2,000.
Learners provided a clear, concise, and accurate presentation and assessment of the topic utilizing the literature. A clear introduction was provided. The learner identified an audience (i.e. parents, teachers, school counselors, etc) and provide a rationale as to why the topic was pertinent to the audience. Paper structure was logical and the flow of thought was smooth. Learner demonstrates higher order thinking through analysis, evaluation , and synthesis.
Lay-out and Multimedia
Learner ensures that the wiki is neat and professional looking. Leaner inserts graphics to ensure that the article page is graphically appealing. Learner integrates multimedia within the wiki, including either a self created video or audio element.
Exam Questions
Learner writes 5 well constructed exam questions that assess peers knowledge and understanding of the wiki topic. At least 3 of the questions are multiple choice questions.
Learners wrote three one page reflection for each time the they contribute and work with the wiki. Reflections are use correct grammar and spelling. They demonstrate critical reflection.
Review & Submission
Learner submits assignment as specified via the wiki and the exam questions via BB. The learner also submits a rough draft.

Please remember that a wiki is an open source. This means that potentially anyone in the class can modify your work. ALWAYS keep a backup copy in a word document of everything that you upload to the wiki. You are responsible for your work.
Additionally note that in this assignment grammar, APA, and spelling are heavily weighted. If you know that writing is one of your weaknesses, I highly recommend that you review your article with the writing center o prior to posting the final version of your article. You will not have the opportunity to redo this assignment.

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